Société historique Sartigan
250, 18e Rue,
Centre culturel Marie-Fitzbach niveau 4
Saint-Georges de Beauce (Qc)
G5Y 4S9
418 227-6176

The Historical Society

The Société Historique Sartigan Inc. was founded in 1992 by MM Andre Bisson, Andre Garant, Yves Thibault, Yvon Thibaudeau and Raymonde Gilbert and a group of people wishing to put forth the history of the Saint-Georges de Beauce region. Soon after, MM. Jean Guy Dionne, René Bérubé, Jacques Petit and Anne Dutil joined the founders.

Following the presentation of an exhibition on the first entrepreneurs of the region, the Historical Society set up the Centre d'interprétation of the Entrepreneurship Beauceron.

As the historical society did not have a place to present the exhibition, the sacristy of Saint-George church was used as the exhibition place.

Then, Mrs. Raymonde Gilbert and Mr. Dionne got the city of Saint-George to purchase the Convent of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd wich was renamed Marie Fitzbach Cultural Center, where our offices are.

The Sartigan Historical Society Inc. set up the Beauce Entrepreneuship Museum which relates the history of the economic development of the Beauce region.

Other exhibitions were also presented such as :

  • The indomitable Chaudiere River
  • Our representatives and political life in Beauce
  • The Gold Mines of Saint-Simon les Mines
  • The 125 years of presence of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
  • The 75 years of presence of the Brothers of Charity
  • The Saint-George Marching Band
  • Our choruses and the music in Beauce
  • Beauce Families (photo exhibition)
  • And others…


The Society is the depository of more than a thousand fanily collections including photographs and documentations about our region and its development.

Our mission :   


  • Preserving our heritage,
  • Acquiring historical artefacts,
  • Alert the community to the economic advantages of preserving our heritage,
  • Bringing together persons interested in the heritage of Greater Saint-George,
  • Promoting activities pertaining to history and heritage,
  • Increase the community awareness to the preservation of our heritage,
  • Emphasise to the community the history of Saint-George by showcasing documents collected through exhibitions,
  • Facilitate the access of the community to our documentation for reference,
  • Receive donations, legacies and other contributions in money through subscriptions in order to ensure the future of the Historical Society.


Board of Directors :


  • Bastien Lapierre : president
  • Charlotte Veilleux : secretary-treasurer
  • Constance Dionne : director
  • Pierre Morin : director
  • Anne Dutil : director