Société historique Sartigan
250, 18e Rue,
Centre culturel Marie-Fitzbach niveau 4
Saint-Georges de Beauce (Qc)
G5Y 4S9
418 227-6176


Welcome !

Though it is following a winding path, history never loses its bearings. It would be a major mistake to view history as a collection of old things. History is the path that led to the present and shed light on the futur. 

Understanding our past allows us to meet the challenges of our future with strength.

So..... do not throw your old photographs away.

The Historical Society is constantly looking for documents. We are aware of the need to inform as well as possible so that witness of our history are not lost. if you have pictures or family heirlooms you wish to share or do not know what to do with, call us. 


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